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The Importance of Effective Kitchen Design

Edri Constructions masterclass on the most important room in your house

Edri Construction specialize in remodeling and redesigning kitchens to make the most of the clients workable space and requirements. An effective working kitchen has always been a staple of efficient home design and at Edri Construction we have many years of experience honing our workflow to ensure we meet and exceed our client’s needs.

It’s common during a renovation project to find homeowners bemoaning their shadowy lighting, lack of kitchen storage, dated cabinets, and inadequate work surfaces. The urge to redesign is infectious. By the time you pull the trigger on your own remodel, you’ve cataloged all your “before” kitchen’s sins, down to the last inch of dead space, and are itching for the “after.”

While it’s tempting to jump right into paint colors and fun finishes, start with the nitty-gritty instead: a good layout. Professional designers and contractors will do this heavy lifting for you, all while keeping design rules, scale/proportion, and building codes in mind. They delineate work zones, strategically place appliances, plan for adequate storage, and ensure there’s enough room to comfortably move around. No plans to hire a designer? Get ready to measure, sketch out floor plans, and tweak your own design.

U- and L-shaped kitchens are arguably the most common layouts these days, although single-wall and galley kitchens pop up frequently in smaller spaces. Each configuration has its own pros and cons. If you can fit one in, a kitchen island opens up a whole new world of storage, seating, and counter space.

Ultimately, the perfect kitchen is personal. A room that functions as a family hub for meals and homework, for example, will look very different from that of a young single city dweller who barely cooks.

Of course, wish lists are just that, and the course of true kitchen love rarely runs so smoothly. Unless you are building from scratch, expect your space to throw up lots of roadblocks and hurdles. Size restrictions and quirky structural features—not to mention budget—will all influence a kitchen’s final form. The trick is finding clever solutions to address pain points and make the most of what you’ve got.

Many clients credit cabinetmakers as the unsung heroes of kitchen design. Cabinet teams have years of experience in all of the workarounds. These “make it work” moments might defy standard kitchen practices or current trends, but it’s your space. Edri Construction will work closely with you to ensure your kitchen dreams become reality.

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